Revived Through the Arts

Jubilee Arts Ministry (J.A.M.)

Glorifying and lifting up Jesus through theatrical drama is the primary purpose of the Jubilee Arts Ministry. We aim to highlight the beautiful stories of the Bible by incorporating acting, dance, songs, and other forms of ministry. We invite the community and surrounding churches in hopes of shining a light on Christianity and lifting up its main star…JESUS!

Created 2 Worship

Edifying and lifting up God’s people by conveying the message of the Gospel through song and dance is the primary purpose of Created 2 Worship. When dance is used as worship towards God, it often celebrates His victory or the promise of His victory (Psalms 30:11, Jeremiah 31:13-14). It is also used as a way to praise God for who He is and just because He is God (1 Chronicles 15:19, Psalm 149:3, Psalm 150:4). This being said, Created 2 Worship endevours to glorify God and to tell the world of His promises to us through movement.